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The wealth of the world belongs to this world, in which everything is changeable, transient and subject to death. Wealth is given to man to comprehend the responsibility, to verify his intentions and confirm his life choice. If a person uses earthly wealth for the benefit of people, he finds and acquires a much larger unearthly value – his own spiritual riches, which opens the way to him as a Personality to the true immortality.

Anastasiya Novykh, the author of the book ALLATRA

On 22 August, 2012 Russia acceded to the World Trade Organization. Reduction of tariff barriers has increased the degree of openness of the Russian market, but in itself, this did not lead to the full integration of the country into the world economy. The primary task for the near future is to learn how to use available tools in the context of the WTO in an optimal way to achieve its own interests.


The International Annual Forum on WTO law was held on 20-22 March 2014, hosted by the Kaliningrad State Technical University. It is a specialized platform set up to discuss topical questions of the Kaliningrad region as a SEZ in the context of global socio-economic challenges. The main WTO Agreements were analyzed at the Forum which is intended to become a permanent platform for dialogue between lawyers and representatives of the business and scientific communities.

After a collapse of the Soviet Union Kaliningrad / Königsberg is still regarded as a city with a dual history, it is possible to comprehend it against the appropriate spatial background, that is, against the background of the East Prussia and of contemporary Kaliningrad region. The very foundation of the city near the mouth of the river Pregol, its development and prosperity has always been associated with trade and ensuring of the trade routes. That is why the Kaliningrad region was chosen as the venue for the International Annual Forum on WTO law since the purpose of the World Trade Organization itself is the liberalization of international trade and regulation of trade and political relations between the Member States.

Russia’s accession to the WTO creates new opportunities for Russian companies and integration leads to increased competition for resources and for the consumers. It has become one of the primary tasks today to improve the competitiveness of the Russian goods when entering foreign markets. Leading experts in the field of Economics, Law and International Relations, from the WTO Secretariat Legal Affairs and Rules Divisions (Geneva, Switzerland), World Trade Institute (Bern, Switzerland), Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, Eurasian Economic Commission, and leaders of legal departments of com panies, representatives of international legal and economic community participated in the Forum.

The Kaliningrad region as a border region of the former East Prussia has always attracted attention by its geographical location as a point of intersection of the trans-European links. The objective desire to create a minimum legal basis for the entry of goods and services from Kaliningrad oblast into the common European market has become one of the initiatives behind the Forum in order to expand the international capabilities of the region as a border area. Today’s small domestic market capacity limits the growth of enterprises, mainly directed to the local market.

This market capacity weakens their competitiveness since they cannot realize the effects of the economy of scale and economy of scope by expanding the range of products. Therefore, an indispensable and objective precondition for sustainable and long-term development of the Kaliningrad region is the growing focus of the local producers on the external markets. Firm boundaries of the understanding of a State sovereignty, inextricably linked to the territory of one State or another are overcome under the World Trade Organization, and a new form of organization of the economic space can appear.

The purpose of the International Annual Forum on WTO Law is to set up a dialogue between lawyers, representatives of government and businesses, the academic community, as well as the analysis of the main WTO Agreements and case law. Hundreds of the Panel and the Appellate Body Reports firmly constitute the legal framework of the WTO containing the interpretation and explanation of the articles formulation of which is not sufficiently clear. Despite the lack of the formal rules of precedent in WTO law, there is a continuity in the interpretation.

The primary task of the International Annual Forum on WTO Law is the dissemination of knowledge about the World Trade Organization and expansion of the international capabilities of the Kaliningrad region as a border area, identifying the actual problems Russia encountered being a Member of the organization and elaboration of the solutions. However, many issues require ongoing discussion. In this regard, it was decided to establish a permanent expert group on the application of the WTO Agreements on the basis of the International Annual Forum on WTO law.

Programme of the Forum 2014

The Forum is supported by the Association of Russian Lawyers, the Fund of Enterprise and Small Businesses in Kaliningrad, the Association of Foreign Investors, the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Kaliningrad, the Nonprofit Partnership «Association of Centers of Support of Small and Medium Enterprises of the Kaliningrad Region», and the Center of WTO of the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance.