Amber industry

Kaliningrad region plays a significant role in the world amber industry. With an impressive stocks of raw amber, Kaliningrad possesses a lion’s share of amber supplies in the world market – more than 70%. Today, the extraction of amber on the territory of the Kaliningrad region takes place in two fields: Primorskoe and Palmnikenskoe. The size of reserves in the field of Primorskoe is 165.7 tons and of Palmnikenskoe is about 10 thousand tons. Already today, the Kaliningrad region is associated among most tourists (especially Russians) with a solar stone. And each tourist leaving the region is trying to buy souvenirs made of amber.

Despite the fact that the Kaliningrad region is the world amber storehouse, the proportion of the exclave, which manufactures over 90% of the Baltic gem, does not exceed 5% on the market of the ready-made products. The bulk of the raw stone is exported. Amber industry is one of the budget constituents  of the Kaliningrad region, and it is necessary to create all conditions for the development of not only production, but also amber processing in Russia, involving the foreign capital as well. At the moment, the processing enterprises of the region suffers shortages in the supply of amber raw materials of the required quality and quantity, as the prevailing part of the raw materials is exported.

The experts emphasize that unique, highly artistic products made of the solar stone are the most popular at the moment. Entrepreneurs, in their turn, need to resort to advanced methods of amber processing and search for the innovative technologies in this field in order to promote the masterpieces of the Kaliningrad amber producers outside the region. In the village Yantarnij there are many people who are engaged in the refinement of amber, both artists and craftsmen. The unique enterprise “Kaliningrad Amber Factory”, where amber extraction is carried out by open means, is also located there.

Also the non-commercial partnership ”Institute of amber and regional resources” functions in the region, which carries out scientific research in a number of areas: the advancement of technologies for processing and refining of amber; the development of technologies for waste management and small fractions amber that is 70% of the produced amber; research in physics, chemistry and paleobiology of solar stone; elaboration of programs and scientific know-how for processing and disposal of industrial and household waste; adoption of programms of additional education for the training of entrepreneurs on processing of amber; ecological and economic evaluation of natural resources; expert activities on the identification and certification of amber (with regard to inclusions); ecological and technological expertise of the project.

According to the Order of the President of the Russian Federation, issued on 10 August 2012 № Pr-2151 a draft strategy of amber industry development of the Russian Federation has been elaborated for the period until 2021, within its framework the creation of amber cluster is planned in the Kaliningrad region, which includes industrial, commercial, cultural, tourist and educational sides. The amber manufactory  must become the locomotive of the Kaliningrad enclave development. But the changes in our region depend on each individual who lives there! You should not wait for someone to come and do something, improve life. The initiative citizens can here and now at the regional level launch a mini-national project of the national amber industry recovery. Together we can do a lot!