Economics and spirituality

“Every path begins with a first step. This applies to both external and internal aspects of a human life. “What is inside that is outside as well.” The extrinsic path presupposes the existence of capabilities of a human being, the problem of a choice and, accordingly, the obstacles on the way. The inner path reveals the capacities of a man, determines the choices in life and encourages to overcome any obstacles along this way. Everything is born of a thought and preferences of the person towards a particular thought, eventually, leads to the result of a life choice. A human life is only the consequence of thoughts and actions of a person. How the thoughts of a human being are, so is the world he creates which subsequently surrounds him.”

Anastasia Novyh, the author of a book “AllatRa”

What is economics? Is it only a profit? Beyond the context is the notion about what is a human being, what is the meaning of his life. All these questions are replaced by the calculation of the available resources and the opportunity to purchase goods. Overcoming the contradiction between an unlimited growth of the human needs and the limited resources of the planet requires a restructuring of a human consciousness. The basis of this world outlook should be spirituality in its deep and comprehensive understanding. Therefore, we can assume that spirituality is the most important factor of economic life and the basis of formation of a society with a renewed human consciousness. After all, an economic reality, if built for the long term – is a reality of merchandising where profit is not the sole and final indicator of a quality of performance.

The exploitative attitude towards the world around – the way that is strategically unpromising, since the resources which are available to a mankind are limited, and the representation of a human being as a “counting device”, albeit being a highly educated from the economic point of view, is a road to degeneration. Any person who has a common sense would agree with one-sidedness and defectiveness of this approach. Almost everyone deep in his heart hopes that he or his consciousness, or “something else” will not die with his body. After all, a Human Being is not a perfect bio-robot who can live entirely in the context of calculations in pursuit for a material wealth.

Everyone wants to live in dignity – in economically strong state where people remember their history, honour their traditions and are proud of their nation, protect nature, rationally use the natural resources and where the rights and freedoms of a human being are respected. A structural and fundamental transformation of a contemporary society presupposes the undertaking of clear and understandable steps in order to change the pattern of a human behavior. Moreover, we should not wait until such an initiative will be offered by those who govern the country – such a proposal will not come. The trend should be established by those individuals who are interested in the revival of cultural and moral values ​​in the community – the ordinary citizens who constitute the majority of a society. The good thing, nowdays there are a lot of possibilities for this to happen.

The contemporary pattern of a society is focused primarily on solving of the urgent material problems. However, the necessity has been overdue for a long time to redirect the vector of evolution of a human community from the exploitative to the spiritual and moral one. One striking example of such a transformation of a community is a social movement AllatRa. The spiritual evolution of an individual and the solidarity of humans worldwide is the only way to save the life of the planet and survival of humans and civilization as a whole, the radical spiritual renewal of all mankind.

The fact that spirituality is an essential part of the economic life of a society could be clearly revealed by reference to the situation nowdays. The economics in contemporary developed countries provides a high, like never before, level of a welfare of the population, however, the value orientations of civilization are as such that they do not stimulate the evolution of the spiritual constituent element in a human being – as a mass phenomenon, anyway. The today`s civilization has a cult of a material consumption.

A person subordinates his life to the pursuit for the material things. The acquisition of prestigious things, material goods and services becomes a way of a self-affirmation of a person, the meaning of his life. In this situation, the spiritual dimensions of a human being fade into the background, the spiritual values ​​are depreciated.

Correlation of spirituality and law

A spiritually evolved person can manage his behavior without any external influence and legal regulation. Since spirituality has a decisive role in the formation of moral principles (the internal incentives), as a consequence, it is incomparably easier to maintain order in a community with a high level of spirituality. However, such a society will place high demands on the quality of the administrative decisions being adopted (including the legal normative acts), their compliance with the moral principles.

As of today, the measures of coercion, sanctions (protection measures and measures of liability) have an important place among the legal instruments. In this regard, a special attention is drawn to the expansion of coercive means, improving the mechanisms for the application and enforcement of sanctions. The law is regarded as a bargain, a deal between the accused person or his defense and prosecution. The law becomes a tool for making a profit, realizing the hypertrophied, primarily material interests and a means of satisfaction of ambitions. However, with the prevalence of the individuals in the community who are focused on spirituality, the demand for the legal institutions as regulators of social relations will disappear by itself. Such a society is free and self-regulating.

After all, everything starts with a human being, his ideas and desires, the freedom of choice. The genuine freedom is related to his spiritual roots, world outlook, self-control and presupposes the existence of the inner discipline through which the evolution occurs, the formation of a highly conscious and responsible individual. The inner freedom can only be distorted by own arbitrariness or can be voluntarily lost when a person became a slave to passions, manifesting cowardice and stepping over his conscience, honor and dignity. Formally, there is even a justification for any immoral deed – “After all, so many people act the same way nowdays.” But we should not forget about the responsibility! The responsibility for the decision-making rests with a Human Being himself.

Everyone is responsible for the own thoughts, words and actions. There is no point to blame the external circumstances and complain that nothing can be changed. It all starts with a Human Being himself and his Inner Choice. Every day – is a constant work at oneself, at one`s vices, faults, addictions. Having transformed oneself and modified the inner world the surroundings of a human being also begin to change: a person becomes free from the external factors and starts to be guided solely by his own internal principles – principles of a Human Being.

Any person, whoever he is, can be useful to the society. The profession here is not so important – a journalist, an economist, a lawyer, a manager or an official, and others – can do good deeds every day, despite the imposition of the external negative settings.

When everyone, guided by the moral principles, will replenish daily a basket of good deeds, a community will be transformed for the better. A Human Being wins, wins a Society!    

It has become clear and obvious to everyone that no economy will communicate to a person love, kindness, honesty, nobility. The genuine renewal goes not from the outside, not from a form to a substance, not from the appearance to the merits but vice versa. It is impossible that people without resorting to the spiritual basis would update and improve a social life. We have become witnesses and participants of the increasing degradation of spirituality and culture as well and we understand that if this process is not stopped, this catastrophe of this civilization in planetary scale will be inevitable.

After all, spirituality permeates all components of the economic spheres of a society, being an active start of its creative evolution, becomes itself the object of transformation and self-expansion. In accordance with this, a harmonious relationship between spirituality and economics is the condition to overcome a current global crisis.