Fishing industry

The development of the fishing industry in the Kaliningrad region  is a priority direction of the regional economy.

Located on the southeast coast of the Baltic Sea and being an enclave of the Russian Federation, the Kaliningrad  region has well-developed infrastructure and close links with foreign countries. Due to the ice-free coast, close to the Atlantic Ocean, the development of the fishing industry on this enclave creates favorable conditions for the expansion of many sectors of the economy in the region, providing jobs and employment. In 2014 around 367 thousand tons of fish was caught by the fishing enterprises of the Kaliningrad region.

At the moment, the trend of diminishing the size and composition of fish resources in the Baltic Sea, their present state and prospects of utilization сalls into question the perspectives of Kaliningrad fishing industry development. As a current ecological situation stands now, one can not lose sight of the negative effects of human activity and its impact on the ecosystem of the Baltic Sea, including renewable resources.

A man should think about the fact that the resources are exhaustible. What’s next? This is an alarming fact and it raises particular concerns with regard to the prospects of creating the main area of sea fishing near the Kaliningrad coast of the Baltic Sea. You can not give preference to the interests of the present by sacrificing the future and in order to begin changes in a society you must first start with yourself!

Currently there are three areas of fishing in the Kaliningrad region: ocean, sea and fresh water fishing, as well as aquaculture. The development and establishment of the industry will depend on and will be determined by their harmonious combination. If the correct direction of development of the Kaliningrad region takes place, there is a high potential to set up very productive fishing industry with a rich assortment of fish and other seafood.

In April 2014 a maritime complex was launched in Svetlij town of the Kaliningrad region, including the place of stationing the vessels, fish processing departments and storage of fishery products. In full operation, the company will be able to process up to 50 thousand tons of fish a year. A single  sea complex is a project that is implemented under the regional program of development of the coastal fisheries, which was launched in 2013. Its main task is to solve the problematic issues of the industry: to utilize the allocated quotas rationally and to a full extent, to modernize the fishing fleet, to build a modern coastal infrastructure, where it is possible to store and process the catch, providing the vessels with all the necessary equipment for fishing.

For the industry of the Kaliningrad Region the fishing complex presents many opportunities and is defined by the Federal target program of social and economic development of the region as one of the priority sectors in the economic advancement of the enclave.

Kaliningrad fishing industry is the youngest one in Russia. Its development requires affordable raw materials, modern large fleet and qualified personnel. A new unit in the structure of the regional government – Fisheries Agency on the development of fishery industry of the region carries out the implementation of the tasks for the progress of the Kaliningrad fishing industry. The main task of the new agency is to develop and implement a program of oceanic and coastal fisheries of the enclave.