Investment in Kaliningrad region

Although the Kaliningrad region is attractive for investments both due to its strategic geographical location and due to high infrastructural and institutional development, however, there are several factors that diminish the investment activity in the Kaliningrad region.

Investment attractiveness of the enclave is weakened by the instability of the legal regime in Russia as a whole and in the Kaliningrad region in particular (for example, the end of the transition period of the customs regime of free customs zone). In addition, in 2014 the region’s economy was significantly influenced by the Russian countersanctions.

Despite these factors currently on the territory of the Kaliningrad region major investment projects are implemented that are considered to be in priority pursuant to the list of the North-Western Federal District, approved by the Government of the Russian Federation on 07 February 2012 № 476p-P16. There are such projects as “building a vertically integrated poultry and poultry processing complex”, “Construction of the plant on deep processing of high-protein agricultural crops”, “Establishment of the enterprise for the design and manufacture of microchips in Gusev city of the Kaliningrad region,” “Project of launching a modern industrial complex of electronic industry Technopolis GS”. All these projects are aimed at improving the investment climate in the Baltic enclave, as well as the job creation.

In general, investment climate in the Kaliningrad region has a great potential for a further growth. In order to achieve it first priorities of the investment policy of the regional government should be the development of the automotive industry, shipbuilding and ship repairing as key industries, the advancement of industrial areas with the appropriate infrastructure, agricultural development, tourism support and expansion of amber jewelry production.

For the preparation of this material, the article was used: D.B Vasilkova, I.A Gerasimova “Investment attractiveness of the Kaliningrad Region // The young scientist. – 2014. – №19.1. pp. 16-18.

1) Growing salmon in Kaliningrad using Norwegian technology


2) Cars “Auto-Prussia”

The analysis of the automotive market in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries demonstrates a completely vacant niche in the coming years –full comfort cars for a daily year-round exploitation.

Indeed, on our roads we see a complete line of the world and domestic car industry producers: cars, trucks, jeeps, buses.. and only one tendency still does not have a proper development, although in the United States, Europe, Australia the industry «Motor Home» –  is giant volumes of production and turnover.

What are the reasons for this state of affairs? What stops it?

After all, no matter what people say about roads, but there are roads and an interest in a comfortable and economical transportation always existed and will exist. The need for such travels will only increase exponentially. From 2007 to 2012, Vladimir Solovyov from Los Angeles, carried out the work on design and construction of such a car which would satisfy all the demands for comfort, price and quality.

The name of this model  is “Auto Prussia” and it implies and combines the German quality (Germany), the Baltic design (Lithuania), the Russian certification and registration (Kaliningrad, former Konigsberg, East Prussia).

In mid-2012, the first samples of Auto Prussia were released and demonstrated to the customers in Vilnius, Minsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Helsinki … and found a real live consumer interest, i.e – orders.

The uniqueness of this car is that it takes an empty niche between existing clumsy “houses on wheels” and nimble jeeps / mini vens, filling the gaps of the shortcomings of the ones with the advantages of the others, but, namely, integrating all the best in one model: a comfort of “mobile homes” and a mobility of jeeps / minivans.

Auto Prussia is a new word in the automotive industry, as in the coming decades, the development of cars will follow neither the way of increasing  the speed or power of the engine, or the way of a more sophisticated design or color, but the way of new materials and facilities.

We welcome you in the world of comfortable transportation on auto Prussia every day!

the General Director
LLC “Prussia”
Vladimir Solovyov